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Statement from US Senate Candidate Chele Farley On Gillibrand's Shocking Inaction 


We already knew that despite being in Washington for 11 years, Senator Gillibrand has failed to get even one of her hundreds of bills passed into law. To this inaction New Yorkers can add a shocking pattern of silence and evasion when it comes to sexual predators to whom she has allied herself for political gain. Vito Lopez. Harvey Weinstein. The sex slave cult NXIVM. And, now, state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. In each instance, Gillibrand has trafficked in blatant hypocrisy by shielding powerful allies within her own party while presenting herself as a feminist and a leader for social change. She is neither. I believe these women, Senator, and I look forward to this fall when the forgotten people of the state you neglect can finally settle the question: What have you done?