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Farley Accepts WABC 770AM Debate With Gillibrand


NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- U.S. Senate candidate Chele Farley (R, C, Reform) today accepted a radio debate for the Senate seat currently held by incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand. The proposed debate would be moderated by "Curtis and Cosby" co-host Rita Cosby. Cosby previously moderated a debate for New York's 11th District Republican primary between challenger Michael Grimm and incumbent Dan Donovan. This is the fifth time Farley has agreed to a public debate moderated by a neutral third party. At the time of this writing, Senator Gillibrand has refused to accept a single offer to debate Farley. Farley has agreed to debates on NY1's "Inside City Hall" TV program, Fox News and with the League of Women Voters of the State of New York, among others.

"I will publicly debate Senator Gillibrand in a forum hosted by a neutral third party anywhere, anytime," said Farley. "The voters of New York deserve answers from Kirsten Gillibrand instead of slogans and soundbites filtered through her Washington, DC press machine. She has presided over the loss of $48 billion a year from her own state's taxpayers. She has produced nothing of value in the United States Senate chamber, failing more than 300 times to get even one of her bills signed into law. Now she is running for President and standing alongside the MS-13 gang with her dangerous plan to eliminate ICE and expose our most vulnerable communities to violence and drug-trafficking. Senator Gillibrand, stand before the voters at these debates and explain your failed record and radical positions."

Chele Farley is an outsider with over 25 years of experience in the private sector. She is the Republican, Conservative and Reform Party candidate for U.S. Senate. Farley lives in New York City with her husband Richard and their three sons. For more information about U.S. Senate candidate Chele Farley, please visit www.CheleFarleyforSenate.com.