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Farley Formally Accepts WNBF “Binghamton Now” Debate Challenge


Challenges Gillibrand to 11 Debates, One for Every Year of Failed Tenure in Washington 

U.S. Senate candidate Chele Farley (R, C, Reform) formally accepted WNBF “Binghamton Now” radio host Bob Joseph’s offer to host a debate and challenged Kirsten Gillibrand to 10 more, one for each year of her failed tenure in Washington.  

“I accept the debate offer proposed by WNBF and challenge Kirsten Gillibrand to 10 more, one to mark each year of her failed tenure in Washington,” said Farley.

In eleven years, two in the House of Representatives and nine in the U.S. Senate, Kirsten Gillibrand has introduced almost 300 bills and to date has failed to pass even one that she has sponsored. 

“Every election year, Kirsten Gillibrand leaves her home in Washington and like a unicorn makes a rare appearance around the state to talk about another empty bill that she will introduce, that she doesn’t work for and never passes. Voters deserve to understand exactly what Gillibrand is doing for them in Washington and debates will give them the needed opportunity to find out,” said Farley.

The debate invitation was issued on air last Friday, June 1st, in an interview on WNBF Binghamton Now hosted by Bob Joseph.

Farley concluded, “Kirsten Gillibrand owes it to New Yorkers to take a break from the 2020 Presidential campaign trail and discuss the issues that are impacting the lives of New Yorkers - not Iowans.”