Farley Extends Nationwide Satellite Radio Buy Targeting Kirsten Gillibrand’s 'Dangerous' Plan - Chele Farley for US Senate >

Farley Extends Nationwide Satellite Radio Buy Targeting Kirsten Gillibrand’s 'Dangerous' Plan


NEW YORK, NY – In a race that may potentially decide the direction of the U.S. Senate this November, New York's United States Senate candidate Chele Farley (Republican, Conservative, Reform) today extended her campaign’s nationwide radio ad campaign, focusing on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s widely criticized and dangerous call to disband ICE – our nation’s immigration enforcement unit. Gillibrand has received criticism from all political corners, including her own Democratic Party, for calling for ICE’s elimination. Gillibrand’s decision means only one thing – she is abandoning the people of New York for the radical left wing of her party in order to run for President in 2020. While Gillibrand has taken her eye off the ball and focused on 2020, she is leaving the security and safety of her constituents in peril.

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Chele Farley: Hello. I’m Chele Farley, the Republican candidate for Senate in New York.  I’m running against Kirsten Gillibrand. Gillibrand’s the obstructionist, liberal Senator who is leading the resistance against the Trump agenda. Gillibrand has voted against President Trump 92 percent of the time, more than any Senator, more than even socialist Bernie Sanders. My race against Gillibrand may also determine control of the entire U.S. Senate. The Democrats in the majority would be a disaster, and embolden Gillibrand even more. 


 Voiceover: Now breaking news. Gillibrand has begun making plans to run for President in 2020. And to please the fringe left, Gillibrand just called for the complete elimination of ICE, the Homeland Security agency that fights child sex trafficking, drug smuggling, violent gangs like MS-13, and brutal crimes by illegals. Gillibrand’s not just liberal, she’s dangerous for America. 


Chele Farley: Are you committed to defeating Gillibrand? Then join me at FireGillibrand.com. I’m Chele Farley. Candidate for U.S. Senate. And I approve this message.


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