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Farley Reminds Kagan-Backer Gillibrand to #DoYourJob

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- U.S. Senate challenger Chele Farley (R, C, Reform) today again called on incumbent Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to meet with US Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh in a midterm election year. This is consistent with her duties under the Constitution and in keeping with her previous actions to back Associate Justice Elena Kagan. Kagan was nominated by former President Barack Obama and confirmed by the Senate during the 2010 mid-term election year. On Monday evening, Gillibrand led a rally with chants of "stand against Kavanaugh" on the steps of the US Supreme Court shortly after President Trump made his selection of Kavanaugh public. Gillibrand's past statements in support of Kagan's nomination are below.
Gillibrand opposed the selection of an Associate Justice to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy even before Judge Kavanaugh, or any other nominee, had officially been named. Farley has challenged Gillibrand to meet on Capitol Hill with Kavanaugh, a Judge who has served on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia for the past 12 years after confirmation by the U.S. Senate in 2006.
Said Farley: "Kirsten Gillibrand won't do her job. Judge Kavanaugh deserves an up-or-down vote based on his merits as a jurist but he won't get one from Senator Gillibrand. In fact, Kirsten Gillibrand won't even meet with Judge Kavanaugh because she has sold out the 19 million citizens of New York for a handful of far-left activists in her run for President. On issue after issue, Gillibrand has elevated the politics of personal gain above the constitutional duties and representation she owes to the families who pay her salary.
"Unlike Kirsten Gillibrand I'm not running for President. I support a full and fair hearing for Judge Kavanaugh in keeping with precedent. It's unfair to hold a nominee hostage, for whatever reason. It's doubly unfair and tremendously hypocritical when Senator Gillibrand not only supported Justice Kagan during a mid-term election year, but compelled others to vote for her as well. Senator Gillibrand, stop running for President and do your job," concluded Farley.
Kirsten Gillibrand on Senate confirmation of Associate Justice Elena Kagan:
“In our first meeting together, we discussed her valuable qualifications and deep appreciation for precedent.”
I was proud to speak on the Senate floor today in support of Elena #Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court.
Was so proud to vote to confirm Elena #Kagan to be our next Supreme Court Justice.
Chele Farley is an outsider with over 25 years of experience in the private sector. She is the Republican, Conservative and Reform Party candidate for U.S. Senate. Farley lives in New York City with her husband Richard and their three sons. For more information about U.S. Senate candidate Chele Farley, please visit www.CheleFarleyforSenate.com.