A STRONG FOREIGN POLICY - Chele Farley for US Senate >


America must remain a force for freedom around the world. We must continue to work with our allies to increase our economic ties and strengthen global security. However, our nation’s foreign policy must advance America’s interests FIRST. I strongly opposed the Iran Nuclear Deal because it put Iran on a path to obtaining nuclear weapons and threatened our strongest ally, Israel. President Donald Trump is right to open a dialogue with North Korea in an effort to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

We must also refocus our trade policies by opening up new negotiations with countries to create a fairer deal for the United States. This includes the threat of tariffs as a way to bring countries to the negotiating table. My years of private sector experience taught me how to renegotiate a bad deal, and that’s what too many of our trade deals are – bad for Americans. We need to fight for American workers, American businesses and American interests. As your Senator, I will make sure New York comes FIRST when negotiating these deals.