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Chele Farley Statement on Gillibrand Dairy Proposal


“Gillibrand read a quote from a recent Times Union article and said she'd heard stories of poverty, depression and suicide among farmers,” Times Union, May 15, 2018

“After 11 years in Congress, all of them on the Agriculture Committee, Senator Gillibrand yesterday interrupted her late-night comedy circuit tour because she 'heard stories' of struggling dairy farmers. It’s great to learn Senator Gillibrand actually does read local newspapers because judging by her recent comments on sex slave cult NXIVM, she had never read the Albany Times Union before.

"More importantly, over the past decade, New York has lost over 1,200 dairy farms, all on her watch, but it took an election year for Kirsten Gillibrand to take a break from her 2020 campaign to address the issue. New York dairy farmers are in crisis, this is a troubling and enduring trend, for Kirsten Gillibrand, it's a revelation. Sadly, when it comes to dairy issues and every other important issue facing New Yorkers, Kirsten Gillibrand has been a complete zero in Congress, having never passed one bill she has introduced.

"The family farm is the backbone of so many upstate communities and a way of life we must work to protect every day, not every six years. I would support emergency aid for our dairy farmers but a long-term fix requires a U.S. Senator who works for New Yorkers every day instead of once an election year."