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Gillibrand Double-Talk, Now Dubious Double Standards

For Immediate Release: September 21, 2018

New York, New York -- 
U.S. Senate candidate Chele Farley (R, C, Reform) today called on her opponent, 2020 Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand, to stop talking out of both sides of her mouth and applying double standards.

“From campaign finance to sanctuary cities to her views on Bill Clinton, it is well known that Kirsten 'Jell-O Brand' has two opinions on every issue, so it’s not surprising today to learn that she also has double standards,” said Farley.

Yesterday, in an appearance on CNN's The Situation Room with Jim Acosta, Gillibrand said that she unequivocally believes Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

Yet, in her next breath, Gillibrand accused her Republican colleagues in the Senate of already making up their minds about whether they believed Kavanaugh's accuser "without the benefit of an FBI investigation" -- the exact same thing Gillibrand did.

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Gillibrand Doesn't Want a Hearing

Meanwhile, Gillibrand has continued to remain silent as the Democratic National Committee (DNC), not the FBI, reviews allegations of domestic abuse against Minnesota Congressman, DNC vice chair and state Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison.

Nor has Gillibrand joined the chorus of voices calling for the resignation of City of Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse on charges of domestic abuse.

“Kirsten Gillibrand is setting back the #MeToo movement with her shameless double-talk and dubious double standards,” said Farley.

Farley concluded, “Ford has appropriately been provided a venue to air her allegations and allow the Senate and the American people to decide what they believe.”

Chele Farley is an outsider with over 25 years of experience in the private sector. She is the Republican, Conservative and Reform Party candidate for U.S. Senate. Farley lives in New York City with her husband Richard and their three sons. For more information about U.S. Senate candidate Chele Farley, please visit