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Shocker: Gillibrand’s Women’s Empowerment PAC Funded By Weinstein’s Enablers


Cy Vance, Gillibrand and Off the Sidelines PAC all funded by Boies Schiller

U.S. Senate candidate Chele Farley (R,C, Reform) today called on Kirsten Gillibrand to return donations made to her campaign and to her “Off The Sidelines" PAC from Harvey Weinstein’s enablers at the Boies Schiller law firm to a charity that aids victims of sexual assault.

According to the PAC's website, “Off the Sidelines is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s call to action to encourage every woman and girl to make their voice heard on the issues they care about.”

“It is the absolute height of hypocrisy that Kirsten Gillibrand would fund a self-described women’s empowerment PAC with money from Weinstein’s enablers,” said Farley.

Since 2013, Boies Schiller has been one of the top donors to Gillibrand’s “Off the Sidelines" PAC, contributing over $63,000 dollars. The PAC, which has been aggressive in promoting Gillibrand’s presidential ambitions, has donated to women candidates around the country, laying the groundwork for a 2020 run.

Boies Schiller is also one of Gillibrand’s top campaign donors contributing over $780,000 to her political campaigns over the years.

“Kirsten Gillibrand is literally fueling her presidential ambitions with almost a million dollars of donations from a firm that worked to protect Harvey Weinstein and discredit victims of sexual assault,” said Farley

As part of the effort to shield Weinstein, Boies Schiller retained a private investigation organization, Black Cube, to develop “intelligence which will help the client’s efforts to completely stop the publication of a new negative article in a leading NY newspaper.” The contract also authorized investigators to look for material to discredit “harmful negative information” about Weinstein. David Boies subsequently admitted that he “knew enough in 2015 that I believe I should have been on notice of a problem and done something about it.

Yet in 2015, David Boies made a $10,000 donation to District Attorney Cy Vance, after the DA declined to press charges following allegations by Italian model Ambra Battilana accusing Weinstein of groping her. In all, Boies has given $55,000 to Vance’s campaigns since he first began running for office in 2008.

Concluded Farley, “I’m sure women running for office across the country will be shocked to learn that Senator Gillibrand’s Off the Sidelines big-money PAC support is funded by Harvey Weinstein.”