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NAFTA Renegotiations Must Protect New York’s Auto Manufacturing Industry

For Immediate Release: August 29, 2018

New York, New York– US Senate candidate Chele Farley (R, C, Reform) made the following statement on the trade negotiations between Mexico and Canada.

“News that the Trump administration is making headway in talks with Mexico to revise the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and that Canada has rejoined negotiations is a very promising development. NAFTA was ratified in 1994, a time before the creation of Google and Facebook, and prior to the introduction of the iPhone. The world economy and trade policy have fundamentally changed since the early 1990s. Revising trade deals to reflect these new realities, therefore, is just common sense.

"Trade is a critical part of our economy, and New York’s automotive and transportation-manufacturing sectors are at risk if we fail to get the right deal. Ford, GM and numerous auto suppliers and equipment manufacturers call upstate home. They are critically important employers for New York families. According to Empire State Development, there are approximately 50,000 New Yorkers employed by transportation equipment firms throughout our state.

"As Senator, I will fight to make sure that trade deals are good for New York's auto manufacturing industry. I’m calling on my opponent Kirsten Gillibrand to be a constructive voice for New York’s interests and stop her petty rejection and politicization of any issue related to the administration in Washington."

Chele Farley is an outsider with over 25 years of experience in the private sector. She is the Republican, Conservative and Reform Party candidate for U.S. Senate. Farley lives in New York City with her husband Richard and their three sons. For more information about U.S. Senate candidate Chele Farley, please visit